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Hello, I’m Nicholas! (He/Him)

I have been working at InContext SEO Inc. since September of 2021. I have a BA in Creative Writing from UWM. I am also certified in IT Helpdesk support and Networking Maintenance. As someone who loves writing and technology I have found it very rewarding to work as the Content Manager at In Context. 

Over the last approximately nine months I have learned a great deal about the inner workings of SEO and how it is a marriage of creativity and technology. Being able to both create new content as well as revamp existing content for client websites is an important part of the SEO process. 

Nicholas Whitehead

I enjoy helping clients grow and expand their businesses as well as online presence. I look forward to helping you make the best of what In Context has to offer. 

Check out my blog: https://nicholasjwhitehead.blogspot.com/

JC Cheney

Let's Work Together!

Hi, I’m JC! (They/Them)

I have been working in digital marketing since 2006.  I graduated with my Masters of Business Administration from Lubar College of Business (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

I specialize in Technical SEO and Content Marketing. I truly believe both of which can be very beneficial for businesses of any size.  This is why I founded In Context, Inc. in January 2017.

In my free time I enjoy spending time in nature (outdoors), I have several cats and occasional like to foster them in transition.  I am a fan of music and I enjoy supporting comedians and entertainers from the LGBT community.

If you are looking to ramp up your marketing in 2022, I would love to hear from you and explore how we can help you!

Extra-Dimensional Hijinx and Code Manipulation

Hi! I’m Kevin. (He/Him)

I specialize in making things happen online.  Since January 2021, as an Implementation Manager, for In Context Inc., I “turn the screws”  – read; enter code and orchestrate the operation of Content Management Systems (aka CMS), behind-the-scenes, that make the magic happen online for Search Engine Optimization.  We plan to set events in motion to get our clients to the heights of internet stardom in the form of great results on the Search Engine Results Page.


Kevin Cheney

In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, people watching, amateur photography, playing video games and spending time with my family and pets as I am an avid dog and cat lover. I also make music for earthlings & aliens alike – check out my music website:



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